Exeter International Airport (EXT)
Car Parking

(Exeter, England)

Exeter International Airport has four parking lots, one for short-stays and the other three lots for long-term parking. The short-term parking lot P1 and the long-term lot P2 are positioned within walking distance of the terminal, while long-term parking lots P3 and P4 have a free shuttle service to transfer passengers.

There is plenty of thoughtfully positioned disabled parking for vehicles with the appropriate identification, for which parking is complimentary. Visitors can also drop off and pick up passengers from the drive through zone, situated immediately in front of the terminal building. Security is tight, with 24-hour guard patrols, video cameras and bright lighting.

There are a few options for paying your parking fee. Short-term parking lot P1 and long-term parking lot P2 have two options. The first is to pay via credit/debit card at the car park barrier (insert your card upon entry and again upon exit) and the other is to use a Pay Station, where you can pay in cash or by credit/debit card. Long-term parking lots P3 and P4 can both by paid for at the car park barrier or one of the pay station, while you can also pre-book your parking online or via telephone (+44 870 606 7050). The following list details further information on airport car parking at Exeter International Airport.


Positioned close to the terminal building, opposite the Arrivals and Departures entrances, is short term parking lot P1. The short-term parking lot is the most convenient parking facility with regards to accessing the terminal and it has dedicated spaces for motorcycles and bicycles.


Along the airport access road are three long-term parking lots - P2, P3 and P4. P2 is located the closest to the terminal building as is within walking distance from both the Arrivals and Departures entrances. P3 and P4 are situated farther away from the terminal and a free airport shuttle ferries passengers to and from these car parks to the airport.


All four airport car parking lots have special parking areas reserved for vehicles with Blue Badge identification. In short-term parking lot P1, these spaces are located by the Pay Station, while in the long-term parking lots the reserved sections are located in either the area of the lot closest to the terminal building or next to the shuttle stops. Airlines can provide wheelchairs with advance notification, while airport staff can also provide assistance to persons with impaired mobility within the terminal complex.

Exeter Airport EXT

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